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ShoeSell: Ordering and Invoicing System

This will be a software solution for the business who's main
goal is: Selling shoes to shoe-stores

In the Shoe business you will work with a variety of types of shoes.
But also every shoe has its variety in colours, material and sizes.

This solution will:
- provide a way to compose your productgroup (from 0 to 5 levels)
- provide a way to compose your product (productgroup from
    0 to 4 levels)
- provide a quick way to enter the sizes and prices for your product
- provide a way to enter the remaining static data: Group of Sizes,
    Representatives, Manufacturers, VAT-codes, etc
- provide an easy way of entering the ordered artikels
- print Acknowledgement and the Order
- outputs data for the manufacturer
- provide a manual and automatic way to enter the manufactured
-  print Invoices, Credit Notas and Reprints
- provides an automatic interface to an General Ledger
    Program (Exact Compact)
- reports and views

The solution will be build in MS-Access as a front-end.
The data (back-end) will be located in an MS-Access- or a

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